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Garage Gym Athlete

Nov 30, 2020

This week we are looking supplementation for circulation, specifically turmeric. Then we are talking about the footwear we prefer for certain activities. This weeks workout is 1/4 Mile for Humanity and its a doozy. 

Nov 27, 2020

This week, a reading from The Soft American on physical danger. 

Nov 26, 2020

This week we are talking with Donnie Morrow and how his gym and goals have evolved over 20 years. 

Nov 25, 2020

This week we are talking about sun exposure and vitamin D. The days are shorter and colder so there is less opportunity to get sun exposure and therefor vitamin D. So how should you adjust your daily routine?

Nov 23, 2020

This week we are looking at how the level of training can effect longevity. Some are worried about training too much, or not enough, but what is the right amount for longevity? Then we are looking at our programs on sale this week! And this weeks workout is a Thanksgiving tradition, the Geo Metro Challenge!