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Garage Gym Athlete

Sep 20, 2021

This cycle webinar we did something a bit different and decide to give a peak behind the curtain at how we program. We also address some of the major lies the fitness industry puts out and how influencers are hurting your fitness.

Sep 17, 2021

This week we are talking about a super easy performance enhancing supplement. BEETS!

Sep 15, 2021

Would you take the cold plunge? this week Jerred is talking with the guys from Cold Plunge and their at home cold bath. We have talked about cold water immersion in the past, well how you can regularly have it without having to buy ice.

Sep 13, 2021

Mental exercises is nothing new here, but a new study found that picturing yourself doing strength and power exercise actually increase performance, even if you dont do any of those. Then we talk about our favorite mobility exercises.

Sep 10, 2021

This weeks study Is looking at how cardio can impact long term mortality and then some.