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Garage Gym Athlete

Aug 30, 2021

We have a pretty big study today and something that's great to know for the current climate. It's a new brainer that physical activity will keep you healthier and reduce your risk of getting sick. But in a recent (HUGE) study specifically looked at strength ad conditioning (aka concurrent training) and its effect of...

Aug 27, 2021

More about nutrition! Don't chase those fancy dies with the big names, just eat quality food. This study examines more why and we talk about the science. 

Aug 25, 2021

This week we are talking with Eric Reder. We talk about his progression in training in general and with us. Then how he has built the habit and made training a priority in his life. 

Aug 23, 2021

Lifting less or before failure once again comes up on the podcast. We look at another study and talk more about why you dont need to or even shouldn't be lifting to failure. Then we talk about fasting, losing weight and getting stronger all at once.

Aug 20, 2021

This weeks study I looking at how alcohol effects performance and what you can or should have, if any.