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Garage Gym Athlete

Oct 1, 2018

This Episode we are starting the season off with one of the most common questions we get with new athletes and also one of the most favorite methods we use. This is all about blocks programing and being efficient in your workouts. A lot of athletes are limited on time to workout so block programming is our way to make the most out of the time you have to workout and thats why we program in blocks. 

About our Garage Gym Athletes:

The athletes all have a diverse background; some from Powerlifting, CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Endurance Training, Military Operators, Collegiate Athletes, Spartan Racers, Obstacle Course Racers, and many other forms of physical training. It takes the experience of these athletes braving the extreme heat, bitter cold, early mornings, and late nights to tackle their training and become athletes. This podcast is for Garage Gym Athletes and by Garage Gym Athletes. Athletes share their experience (whether a beginner or advanced), share their knowledge, and give us a glimpse into the life of a Garage Gym Athlete!!