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Garage Gym Athlete

Apr 28, 2023

How can being mobile improve your performance and even strength?

Apr 24, 2023

Recovery is something we cover a lot on this podcast because we know how important it is. We have covered a lot of different recovery techniques including cold immersion in the past. This study take another large look at cold immersion comparing it to other recovery techniques in strength, power and hypertrophy.

Apr 21, 2023

Were getting close to hotter weather, have you thougth about how the heat will affect your workouts?

Apr 17, 2023

How do you gain muscle without always having to do MORE volume or HEAVIER weight? Now, there's nothing wrong with heavy lifting and more volume, but sometimes those two things come at a cost. So what do we do when we still want to gain muscle but we don't want to beat our body up more? And can we do these things without...

Apr 14, 2023

This week we are looking at how music can effect the type of workout you are doing.